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International Properties

IRG  is a global company that can assist you in finding the perfect property or investment all over the world. With significant  global connections, IRG are able to show you properties not just in the Cayman Islands b ...

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8031 Collingwood Ct, University Park, FL University Park

4 BED 3 BATH 3,334 SQ FT US$725,000

47 Cotswold Cres Toronto, Ontario Canada Toronto

4 BED 6 BATH US$2,203,262

Oast House Lane, Farnham, Kent Farnham

4 BED 4.5 BATH US$700,000

The Private Residences, The Crane, Barba St Philip

3 BED 2 BATH 3,285 SQ FT US$765,000

8511 Nash Drive, Los Angeles Los Angeles

2 BED 2 BATH US$919,000

Point Pirouette Sint Maarten Sint Maarten

3 BED 3 BATH US$715,000

2118 Nantucket Drive, Houston, Texas Houston

3 BED 2 BATH US$474,999

12727 Highwood Street, Los Angeles, Cali Los Angeles

8 BED 10.5 BATH MLS# 15951875 US$17,950,000

Robinson Road 1, Hong Kong Hong Kong

4 BED 3 BATH MLS# 306390 US$10,953,608

Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town

4 BED 3 BATH MLS# 3274573 US$2,259,475

San Carlos, Panama San Carlos

6 BED 7 BATH MLS# 16331-4337 US$898,892

120 Inglewood Drive, Toronto, Ontario, C Toronto

7 BED 13 BATH MLS# C3493328 US$11,693,984

4960 Powers Ferry Road, Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta

4 BED 4 BATH MLS# 5703136 US$975,000

Squamish, British Columbia, Canada Vancouver

4 BED 9 BATH MLS# V1231007 US$714,931

14732 Waterchase Boulevard Tampa, Florid Tampa

4 BED 4.5 BATH MLS# T2813725 US$1,000,000

The Cove, Deerfield Beach, FL. Deerfield Beach

4 BED 3 BATH 2,760 SQ FT MLS# F10016823 US$589,000

The Buckingham, London London

3 BED MLS# LNW150037 US$21,791,030

Double Bay, Australia Double Bay

3 BED 2 BATH MLS# 20281 US$36,877,255

Harbour Way, Nassau Nassau

6 BED MLS# 573537 US$20,000,000

795 Fifth Avenue, New York New York

5 BED 7 BATH MLS# 12025971 US$57,000,000