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James O'Brien

James O'Brien
In the luxury real estate market, James O’Brien is renowned among clients and colleagues for his exceptional relationship skills, attention to detail and loyalty. Born and raised in Ireland, James’ involvement in luxury properties began in 2008 while working at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Resort as the Executive Director of Residences. An expert in high-end properties, James’ in-depth knowledge of global markets, his relationships with leading legal and wealth management experts, and commercial bankers, give his clients access to both a local and international suite of services unrivalled in the marketplace. James prides himself on his unmatched ability to connect people; many former clients have now become either business partners, repeat clients or more importantly, friends. James & IRG’s Signature Collection is a plethora of magnificent residential properties throughout the Cayman Islands that include Villa del Mare, Cayman Kai, as well as Seven Mile Beach’s most expensive condo. James humanitarian efforts include working with the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce in various capacities and as a past member of the Grand Cayman Rotary Club. He has also been a reading buddy at a local primary school since 2008, where he enjoys assisting the local youth with reading & development skills.

FIN #15 George Town, Grand Cayman

3 BED 3.5 BATH MLS# 413603 US$3,395,000

RITZ-CARLTON PRIVATE... Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

3 BED 3 BATH MLS# 413434 US$3,999,000

RITZ-CARLTON PRIVATE... Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

4 BED 4.5 BATH MLS# 412694 US$6,200,000

THE RITZ-CARLTON PRI... Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

3 BED 3 BATH MLS# 412549 US$4,650,000

STONE ISLAND RESIDEN... Seven Mile Corridor, Grand Cayman

3 BED 4.5 BATH MLS# 412397 US$3,200,000

VISTA DEL MAR Seven Mile Corridor, Grand Cayman

6 BED 6.5 BATH MLS# 412154 US$5,699,000

DECKHOUSES AT THE RI... Seven Mile Corridor, Grand Cayman

5 BED 5 BATH MLS# 410650 US$4,250,000

HW RESIDENCES Spotts / Prospect, Grand Cayman

1 BED 1 BATH MLS# 410069 CI$365,000
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