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Join us for episode 2 of IRG’s Oracle Webinar Series, as we discuss why the Cayman Islands are not only a great place to visit, but a place worth living - a luxury lifestyle centre to rival anywhere in the world.  In this 40-minute webinar, IRG’s Jeremy Hurst and James O’Brien will be joined by special guests, Cline Glidden, from leading offshore law firm, Ogier, and Steven Jordan, who has recently relocated to Cayman with his family as permanent residents. Join us to learn more about what Cayman has to offer in terms of immigration, relocation and residency opportunities:

  • Why are the Cayman Islands such an attractive place to live?
  • What options and pathways are available for residency by investment?
  • What is it like living in an offshore, tax neutral jurisdiction?
  • How do I get a Cayman or British Overseas Territories passport?
  • What is the Post-Covid outlook for Cayman and its residents?
  • Why choose Cayman over the competition?