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Global Lifestyle Survey

As members of Knight Franks Global Property network, IRG Ltd are pleased to announce the release of Knight Franks comprehensive Lifestyle Review which was developed as a guide for high net worth individuals considering the lifestyle element of a potential location alongside the recommendations of their advisors. The final results put the Cayman Islands second (in conjunction with Mallorca and Geneva) after Dubai won gold in the lifestyle rankings of twenty three prime residential markets.

This intuitive survey demonstrates that the Cayman Islands, even as a small Caribbean nation, presents world-class shopping & dinning, modern infrastructure and a safe and stable social climate which welcomes foreign investment, offering investors one of the best lifestyles in the world, and by far the highest standrd of living in the Caribbean region.

Global Lifestyle Survey

Cayman shares second place with Mallorca and Geneva

The three surveyed categories were:

The Entrepreneur: He/She needs political stability, ease of 'setting up shop' in a tax neutral environment, good travel connections, pleasant climate and an array of restaurants and bars for personal and business entertainment. Grand Cayman rated third after Auckland and Geneva in this category.

The Family: Education and security are the key considerations, Cayman scored well with its high standards of international schools with US, UK and IB curriculums. Leisure pursuits are also important to entertain a young family, especially to help integrate into a new environment and culture.

The Retired Couple: Quality of life, cost of living and personal security are the chief drivers, with a degree of interest in leisure pursuits, but mainly excellent health services-the new Shetty Health City will be important for this demographic.

Some of the quality orientated categories were: How many days of sunshine are there per year? Cayman rated 6th out of 23 countries. Without a doubt the most interesting survey question was: ‘What is the current cost of a bottle of premium champagne in a 5* hotel or bar?’ Cayman rated 6th again. In the category of ‘International schools within a 50km radius of the city’ Cayman rated 6th too but scored first place in the ‘How far is the closest major international Airport’ category. It’s also important to note that Grand Cayman is only a short one hour flight from Miami or a 3 hour flight from NYC, and there is also 4 flights a week to London Heathrow. Other international destinations like Dallas, Washington, Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta and Panama are accessible by nonstop flights to and from Grand Cayman on Cayman Airways.

Global Lifestyle Survey

The full report can be viewed and downloadedor contact Jeremy Hurst for a hard copy.

This detailed report is of excellent value for the prospective offshore investor.

Global Lifestyle Survey