For a better view on INTERNATIONAL REALTY GROUP LTD, Update Your Browser. currently receives an average of over 250,000 page views each month with just under a million hits a month. At visitors have access to over 175 member agents and 30 member companies, and can search thousands of properties that our members have listed. Jeremy Hurst, CIREBA President explained, “The Association is striving to make property searching in the Cayman Islands as easy as possible. While our website has always had the search functionality, we’ve improved upon the search options available.” A quick review of the site reveals that visitors can search for property according to the type they are interested in, including residential, condo, multi-family, commercial and land to name a few. Visitors to the site can even sort their searches by Island – Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac and specific locations on each island. Searching in a particular price bracket is also possible with minimum and maximum price points. James Bovell, CIREBA board member pointed out, “CIREBA has over 2,100 active properties. That is one of the major advantages of CIREBA, in that every property listed with each CIREBA agent is available through These properties are available for review on our site, providing the most accurate, complete, up- to-date listing information available in the Cayman Islands”. Mr. Bovell, who heads up CIREBA’s website sub committee continued, “We will continue to develop the CIREBA site. It’s essential that we stay at the forefront of the technology to allow us to continue to best serve the market and our clients, by giving maximum exposure to their properties and maximum access to buyers. We are also exploring other avenues such as Social Media and have recently set up a CIREBA Facebook page on which all new listings are published. This is the way of the future and we intend to be at the forefront of these advances. You can literally go to and look through almost $2 billion worth of property listings!” Donna Sjostrom, Manager at CIREBA explains, “This is an invaluable tool to purchasers located not only within the Cayman Islands but also those located all over the world, who may be interested in Cayman property.” Mr. Hurst furthered, “The website is designed for ease of use. As the largest property listing website available in the Cayman Islands, we wanted to ensure that it was intuitive, fast and efficient. We’ve seen just under a million hits in one month creating a need for us to ensure the search engine was optimally designed and configured for the best download and response times.” The website also features information on CIREBA member agents, their code of ethics and other information about CIREBA as an association. Additionally, he added, “The site genuinely is a complete resource of available properties, including residential, commercial and investment. It’s a tremendous resource available to the public, both locally and internationally. It allows buyers and sellers to have an unbiased look at the market, what’s available and at what price property is selling. CIREBA also updates the site daily, making it the most informative property website in the Cayman Islands.” To visit the CIREBA website and search for your dream home go to today.