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In light of the current challenges surrounding COVID-19 and the sensible restrictions placed on many commonplace activities, such as house showings, IRG is finding new ways to innovate and adapt.

In doing so, a common element in IRG’s marketing toolbox has found a new lease on life. Our Matterport camera system, used to capture high definition virtual reality tours of properties that can be explored on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or with an immersive VR headset, was an interesting but often undervalued element of our marketing strategies.

With the introduction of social distancing and isolation, these tours, which are created at no additional cost, have become invaluable. Prospective buyers are able to walk around and explore a property in the virtual space, adjusting their perspective and gaining an impression or understanding of the property that is unparalleled by either photography or video.

To further highlight these tours, IRG has added a showcase page to their website presenting all of their current listings with their respective virtual tours and video show reels.



If you would like to learn more about IRG’s virtual reality tours or you have a property that would benefit from a virtual scan when the local restrictions are eased, contact us today at or (345) 623-1111.