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IRG’s Marketing Team is made up of two dynamic women with significant experience in digital marketing, brand strategy, advertising and communications.

Ornella Leahong

Ornella Leahong is the Marketing and Communications Manager at IRG. Jamaican born, Ornella gained a master’s degree in Digital Marketing from a prominent business university in New Jersey during her professional career. She has lived and worked in 3 different countries where she has gained significant experience in entertainment, legal and service-based industries. Specialising in marketing and communications strategies, Ornella helps to evolve and leverage the distinguishing features of a property by utilising her broad skillset.

Eleonora Todd

Eleonora Todd is the Marketing Coordinator at IRG. Born and raised in the UK, Eleonora has a bachelor's degree in business management with marketing, and has extensive experience working with a diverse group of retail and service-based industries. An energetic and intuitive marketing strategist, she is passionate about providing creative and innovative content that packs a punch and makes a lasting impression.