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In our news release of October 2013 IRG Ltd. looked at Health City, also knows as the Shetty Hospital which was projected to open ahead of schedule. The official opening on February 25th marked a momentous day not only for the Cayman Islands, but also for affordable health care to citizens of the USA, Caribbean and Latin America. Devi Shetty's dream combined with a vision of helping those in need complimented by his determination has made the possibility of the Shetty Hospital a reality in Grand Cayman.

Not only will the new Health City bring affordable health care to all those in need, but it already has and will continue to bring positive economic impact to the Cayman Islands. Apart from the construction cost which have already supported local contractors and service providers, the project also focused on hiring Caymanians throughout the entire process. Capital expenditure for the facility is projected to be $300 million by 2017. In total Health City will constitute over $2 billion over 15 years. Add onto that air travel, hospitality for relatives of patients, transportations , recreations , shopping and off course residential needs and Cayman is looking at even more positive growth within it's borders.

Jeremy Hurst from IRG Ltd sees the Shetty Hospital as a massive opportunity for real estate in the Cayman Islands. "This is a perfect opportunity to invest in developing high quality accommodations in a stunning part of Grand Cayman. There are countless parcels of land on the market in this area, so a smart investor would certainly need to take a look at this prime opportunity in these early stages and see ROI over the next 10-20 years.” Hurst said.

Also, as The United States is still struggling with it's health care, with many US citizens still not able to make sense out of Obama Care, it is even better news for the Cayman Islands and Health City Cayman which will be providing affordable heart surgeries to American and Central American citizens who would normally not be able to afford equal care or procedures within the United States without the required medical insurance and sufficient coverage.

Hurst says; "Cayman is still the best and safest island in the Caribbean to consider for investment purposes. With a strong core of financial services, an excellent lifestyle and pure Caribbean beauty, our islands have a lot to offer. Recently our Premier Alden McLaughlin appeared on BBC's HardTalk and was very clear on where Cayman stands as a reputable Offshore Financial Centre.

As IRG sees it, this is the time to come to Cayman and as IRG Ltd is Cayman Island's leading integrated real estate brokerage, our dedicated property professionals offer our clients and customers a comprehensive range of valuable, real estate services in the residential, commercial, sales, leasing, and property asset management advice as well as private and corporate relocation services. As trusted advisors to high net-worth investors and a diverse group of corporations, IRG Ltd a proven track record in the acquisition and disposal of prime residential, commercial and land developments and investments. IRG can also undertake, development feasibility studiesand market analysis and tailor made marketing strategies for our vendors.