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Following on our news release of February 20th where we published the news that the Cayman Islands was voted the 3rd best place in the Caribbean to visit, the rankings have changed again and this time for the best, as the Cayman Islands have now been rated #1 as a Caribbean getaway destination!

We must be doing something right as the US News Travel article states; "The charming Cayman Islands continue to be a coveted Caribbean getaway, providing for both adventurous and more immobile travelers. Gorgeous barrier reefs call to divers as the rum punch calls to the beach bums. Honeymooners hike through the 200-year-oldMastic Trailas parents take their children for interactive swims at Stingray City. Whichever way you choose to mellow out, the Cayman Islands can oblige." Thank you very much US News Travel for this excellent award ahead of St Kitts and Nevis and Barbados!

Our archipelago of three islands, lying 90 miles south of Cuba is doing its very best to attract both first time and return visitors. With direct flights from London, New York, Dallas, Miami, Fort Worth, Tampa, Charlotte and DC the 3 islands are easy to get to and once here, the sunny Caribbean, excellent dining, top rated diving and water sports activities bewitches many a visitor.

More times than we here at IRG Ltd can recall, have we been contacted by visitors who fell in love and wanted to either make Cayman their permanent home or invest here by purchasing a second or even third home. And that's what we are good at, with an incredible collection of fine homes and condos and with access to even more through the CIREBA multiple listing system, we are confident that we can turn a visitor into a resident!

And if you need more reasons to want to make Cayman home, please enjoy these island and property photos of just some of our most exclusive listings and most beautiful locations.

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Cayman Islands Real Estate News- Image 26

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Cayman Islands Real Estate News- Image 27 Cayman Islands Real Estate News- Image 24

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