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Humane Society Beach Days

Humane Society Beach Days

IRG Team Member Lorene Stewart tells us about why she works with the Humane Society.

Q: What is your involvement with the Humane Society?

A: In 2006 I began a project with various volunteers at the Humane Society to organize beach outings with the dogs from the shelter.  10 years on it is now a very popular activity called The Humane Society Beach Dog Training.  

Every Sunday we load up the van with the dogs and go to public beach.  With the help of dog trainer Kenneth Morgan and founders Susan and Jenny Gabruch we teach the dogs basic commands such as sit, heal and stay etc.    This activity helps socialize and train shelter dogs to make them more adoptable, and we have seen great success from it.   Not only is it great for the dogs but it gets them out of the shelter and a chance to enjoy the beach and a swim with some of our dedicated volunteers.  

Q: Why do you feel it is important to support the Humane Society?

A: I have seen the true benefits of getting the dogs out of the shelter even for a short time.  The dogs sometimes start out quite scared and withdrawn and then a week later they are keen to jump in the van and head out to the beach and play with everyone and the other dogs.  It means these dogs have a better chance of adoption which is what we all want.

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