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Following a historic week in the Cayman Islands with the official opening of medical tour in destination, Health City, also fondly known as the Shetty Hospital in Grand Cayman's East End, more accolades followed with comments by Mr. Peter Hayes, the Director of UK Territories. Mr. Hayes called Health City "a welcome indicator of the diversification of the Cayman Islands economy.”



Mr. Hayes was not able to attend the official opening of Health City, but is scheduled to be in the Cayman Islands next week in order to meet with Premier Alden McLauglin who he met in early February when Mr. McLaughlin appeared on BBC HardTalk in order to clarify and confirm that the Cayman Islands is a safe and secure Offshore Financial Centre. Mr. Hayes added: “I am delighted to be visiting the Cayman Islands again and I am particularly looking forward to discussions with the premier and visiting the Health City.”



Not only will the new Health City bring affordable health care to all those in need, but it already has and will continue to bring positive economic impact to the Cayman Islands. Apart from the construction cost which have already supported local contractors and service providers, the project also focused on hiring Caymanians throughout the entire process. Capital expenditure for the facility is projected to be $300 million by 2017. In total Health City will constitute over $2 billion over 15 years. Add onto that air travel, hospitality for relatives of patients, transportation, recreations , shopping and off course residential needs and Cayman is looking at even more positive growth within it's borders.