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Stuart Wright

Cayman Company Admin - Stuart Wright, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER

Chief Marketing Officer

British born, Stuart, gained a master’s degree in Marketing & Business Management from one of the UK's top business schools before embarking on a career that has seen him work with brands to launch and grow businesses in multiple industries. A specialist in brand strategy and marketing communications, Stuart helps to develop and leverage the unique selling points of our properties by utilising a broad range of communication channels, with a particular emphasis on digital.
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  • Business as (un)Usual?

    At IRG, we realise that we are experiencing truly unprecedented times and we want to let you know we are doing in response. Of course, this includes all the usual best practices, but in times like this, the key is to adapt to the challenges that are being presented. That is the approach that we are ...

  • Earthquake Update

    For all of our international followers, vendors and investors. Firstly, thank you for your concern. All members of the IRG team are safe and well and have closed the office as a purely precautionary measure. What we know so far: At approximately 1410hrs, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake occurred ...